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Passion, Goal or Purpose?

Last year TNT Theatre visited Finland where A CHRISTMAS CAROL was shown. The magazine Yours Truly was interested in the company's approach to English theatre. 

ARTED NET's organiser Federica Parise has been producing plays with ADGE for 7 years and expanded her knowledge of theatre production in the continents of Europe, Asia and touched a bit of Africa too. The magazine was inspired by her courage to reach students who want more fascinating experiences in their daily lives. Showcasing a variety of English plays to schools all around the world is a main purpose for such companies as TNT Theatre & ADGE. Ms Parise has written an article emphasising the most essential points about our work. Take a look: here.

Quotes from the Article:

👉 "We have a goal: bringing English educational theatre in all schools."

🙌 "We believe that theatre should not be a privilege, that it should not be linked to the geographical position of a school or to the economy of a town, or worst, to the welfare of families."

😍 "Look at our actors while performing – you will see how deep this love for the stage is."

⭐️ "We link culture to education and we believe that only working with professional English actors can honour our school audiences..."

🎭 "...for some students the theatrical experience can simply be what theatre is for a lot of people: a wonderful cultural moment to enjoy and celebrate life – on and off stage."


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