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our mission

We have a goal. An educational and an international goal. We aim to bring performing arts all over the world – to schools, cultural institutions, NGOs and diverse communities.

We represent a range of artists and performing arts companies. We shape projects and act as a bridge between artistic and realistic. We are an international team  two independent producers who share the same goal. Dealing with festivals, residencies, funding applications and networking opportunities allow us to collaborate with many people across the globe. 


We focus a lot on education and we collaborate with schools worldwide. We promote English, Spanish and French performances, and often accompanied by workshops. We collaborate with theatre companies whose mission is to help students to learn languages through drama. Lately, we also included some new circus companies committed to the educational world. 

We firmly believe in the power of bringing culture everywhere no matter the geographical location. Theatre should not be a privilege but rather a powerful educational tool. We seek wonderful cultural adventures as a way to enjoy and celebrate life – on and off stage.

American Drama Group Europe
TNT Theatre Britain
Théâtre du Héron

our partners


performing arts

all over the world

- Project management for performing arts organisations 

- Classical stage productions for schools

 - Workshops in English, French, Spanish

 - Social projects through drama or dance

 - Trainings for teachers and businesses through drama

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