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TNT Theatre & ADGE's productions offer an opportunity for students to enjoy literature and improve English language skills by combining different theatrical approaches with the professionalism of our artists.


actor, director, teacher and producer

actor, director, lecturer

actor, director, musician, song-writer

actor and director

the process

reserve the date

Fill in the Booking Form. Set up a date for the workshop. Provide some details about your expectations and wishes and we will build our workshop around your needs!

study material

Receive our educational package free of charge before workshops! The material includes information about authors, our director's notes,  games and questionnaires.

workshop day

Check our detailed workshop programme below. Our theatre facilitators are all professional actors and directors who have been working with children for a long time.


Receive various exercises after the workshop. Your students will repeat everything they learned; this process will allow them to deepen their the knowledge about the plays.


available in vod

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Romeo and Juliet


The Wave

Oliver Twist


The Taming of the Shrew


The Merchant of Venice

A Christmas Carol

Julius Caesar

The Canterville Ghost

Much Ado About Nothing

Treasure Island


As these productions have not premiered yet, we are not capable to provide full-length videos. However, workshops can be arranged  without VOD prior workshop day. These workshops focus on literature, physical movement and improvisation.

* contact us for more information about each production.


Prices vary according to the number of students:

Live workshops in your school – from 8 Eur/student;

Online workshops – 4-5 Eur/student.


Online (Zoom)


There are two options:

  • live workshops in your school (if possible due to COVID-19 restrictions);

  • online (Zoom) interactive seminar.


Key scene analysis

  • before the workshop

Study material


Production videos

In order for your students to be really engaged in the process during workshops, we will send you an educational package concerning the production you wish to work on.

An educational package includes: 

​- a summary of the play and a short biography of the author;

- Director's notes;

- an analysis about the main themes, the most appealing topics and leading characters;
- quizzes and exercises.​

Your students will get the chance to see our filmed productions online on demand (VOD). The codes to stream videos will be provided by us and valid for an entire week, thus you will be able to watch the show anywhere and anytime! In case you need to extend the duration of the codes, you can contact us and we will provide a targeted solution for your school.

  • during the workshop

Learning English through drama

Facilitators will focus on a range of acting techniques and exercises – characterisation, ensemble work, movement and improvisation depending on the students' level of English language.

Then, one of the following points will be explored, in particular:

- a dramatic text as a literary object to get more insights about the main themes with a focus on the relevance of the play nowadays;
- the theatricality of the text to engage students to use their imagination;
- interactive games and creative exercises to enhance concentration and expression

- the mise en scene: from the text to the stage.

Finally, the students will work on a specific scene in the script (chosen by us or by the teachers).

  • after the workshop



Online exercises

The students who took part in the workshop will receive questions that they can answer and discuss them during the class.


Schools interested in an additional material will receive guidelines to write their own adaptation of the play. The pupils' work (written or audiovisual) will then be published on our website and our social media platforms (#YourTurn).

3-step workshop


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