Online Teaching Resources for All Ages

ART EDUCATION NETWORK is thrilled to represent TNT Britain and ADG-Europe this season.

It is a challenging, demanding and above all enthralling season. We are ready to face all concerns, to adapt our creativity to every space and country. We will go live online if going live on stage will not be possible.

We are ready to go, this is what counts the most for us. Ready to go on an adventure with all of you!

You can invite us to your town, you can host us in your school. We will do our best to make theatre happen, to spread culture even during these challenging times for the theatre industry.

All students deserve to get their theatrical experience, and we are committed to fulfill our duty in making sure that safety is everyone's priority, all over the world.

We will offer:

- Live performances in theatres

- School performances

- Workshops in school classes

- Online workshops, lectures

Our main online lectures involve discussions about Shakespearean texts of your choice and providing more insights about play-writing.