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The American Drama Group Europe was formed by Ohio native Grantly Marshall in 1978 in the city of Munich. it was linked in the beginning to the University of Munich where the first performances were held. It expanded quickly to other theatres in Munich and also began to give guest performances in other German cities. The expansion was continued to include many countries in Europe and Asia. The goal of the American Drama Group Europe is to perform high quality theatre in as many countries in the world as possible.


From its beginning in 1980 in small scale touring theatre in the UK to its present day touring globally to theatres great and small, TNT has been committed to combining the popular with the experimental. We continue to apply the principles learned from our key inspiration, the Russian theatre maker, first and foremost the combining of extreme comedy with the depths of seriousness: “tragedy with a smile on its lips”. TNT continues to value the live encounter with audiences and performers in a temporary and intense community made in a couple of hours.


  • ACC(1).png

    A Christmas Carol

  • Animal Farm.png

    Animal Farm

  • Romeo and Juliet(1).png

    Romeo and Juliet

  • Macbeth

  • Hamlet.png


  • Oliver Twist

  • Treasure Island(3).png

    Treasure Island


    Tom Sawyer

  • The waves(2).png

    The Wave

  • LPP official.png

    Le Petit Prince

  • LMI.png

    Le Malade Imaginaire

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