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community-based (social) inclusion project

ARTED NET brings social projects through various funding opportunities (e.g. local open calls or ERASMUS+). We are delighted to participate in active social change through arts!

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BE COMPANY is an independent organisation of contemporary dance art. Two socially active and determined choreographers, Agniete and Greta, are willing to defend their beliefs, freedoms and the rights of social minorities. 

The artists seek to create a cohesive dialogue between the performing arts and social activities as well as to expand the boundaries of diversity and self-expression in Lithuania. 

Teaming up with ARTED NET, both organisations want to spread awareness about our rights, freedoms and self-expression with the help of dance art.

a l l    i n n

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The project “ALL IN” will seek to improve the social infrastructure and access to cultural activities for various (vulnerable) groups through contemporary theatre and dance (i. e. performance art).


Two facilitators Agniete and Greta, who are contemporary dance artists and choreographers, will work to engage young people to “shine” in their own communities. The main objective for the facilitators will be to draw attention to societal issues regarding mental health, lifestyle and upbringing.



ALL INN is a community-based project which takes a methodological approach from Applied Theatre and incorporates it into different contemporary artistic works through dance. Participants of this artistic project are not only assigned the role of performers – they are both a creative instrument and the object of research.


The project focuses on the artistic work, therefore the final event is the result. The final product can be a contemporary dance performance, film, photo exhibition.

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