about us

about us

ARTED NET (ART EDUCATION NETWORK) has been created to advertise theatre performances and artistic projects. We work with several partners and we promote their work focusing on the educational and social purpose of each artistic project. We mediate between our audience and the theatre companies we advertise. We act as cultural bridges.

ARTED NET advertises cultural projects, facilitates communications, elaborates budgets, develops marketing strategies and visuals, selects funding opportunities, organises tours, oversees planning.


ARTED NET was created as a social initiative by two cultural managers, Federica (Italy) and Domante (Lithuania). Their work spans education, theatre, cultural management; the project (acting as somewhat of an arts' agency) wants to blend these different areas and make theatre/dance accessible to all.


Connecting different educational and cultural institutions from various countries in Europe and the rest of the world is the key focus for this agency as it believes that only through theatrical means can we challenge stigmas and make an impact.


This is only the beginning for ARTED NET as the sole purpose of this agency is allowing schools/NGOs/cultural institutions to connect internationally, culturally and artistically through high-quality work of art.


ARTED NET is a part of the international network for contemporary performing arts (IETM).