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TNT Theatre & ADGE's productions offer an opportunity for students to enjoy the great literature in more depth by different theatrical approaches.

Shakespearean workshops

Duration: 60 mins
with an optional Q&A session with the actors, if desired (60 min + 30 min)

  1. WORKSHOPS will focus on a range of acting techniques and exercises – characterisation, ensemble work, movement and improvisation.

  2. It would be most suitable for students with a FLUENT or INTERMEDIATE command of English.

  3. The ideal number of students per workshop would be 15-20 STUDENTS.

  4. If multiple spaces are available, then larger groups could be accommodated by splitting into two or more groups of around 20 and running two workshops (or more) simultaneously.

  5. Ideally, workshops require a space large enough for all participants to move freely without chairs or tables being in the way (ex. hall or theatre space).

  6. If the institution wishes to work on SHAKESPEARE’S TEXT, we can provide texts to be printed by the institution beforehand for each student.

  7. It is possible to read some scenes, to work on students’ voice (voice technique for acting) as well as discussing the mise en scène – for students interested in set design/costumes.

We are flexible and keen on improvising.


If you wish to book us for workshops, contact us by and provide us the essential information.


The quote will be sent to you depending on the number of students, workshops and actors.

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