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The Castle Tour 2023

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

RJ Poster.png

Production by TNT Theatre (Britain) 


Music composed by JOHN KENNY


Organiser: American Drama Group Europe

Duration: 90 min.

CAST: Dan Wilder, Glyn Connop, Nina Schlautmann, Colm O'Brien, Kim Baker, Rian Wunderlin

For venues:

TNT THEATRE was founded in 1980 by Paul Stebbings and other actors trained in the Grotowski method in Britain and Poland. TNT began its collaboration with The American Drama Group Europe and producer Grantly Marshall in 1993. Notable productions include BRAVE NEW WORLD, LORD OF THE FLIES, FAHRENHEIT 451, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, OLIVER TWIST and many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays including our recent award winning HAMLET, OTHELLO and TAMING OF THE SHREW. TNT has received regular funding from the British Council and the UK Arts Council and collaborated or co-produced with organisations such as the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), The St Petersburg State Comedy Theatre (Akimov), Tams Theatre Munich and St Donats Arts Centre (Wales) and the current long term collaborations with Costa Rica’s Teatro Terruno (Café Britt) Milky Way Productions in Beijing and the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre.


TNT has toured from London to Hong Kong, from Guatemala to Tokyo, from Atlanta to St Petersburg and Tehran to Berlin in venues that range from village halls to opera houses and from castle ruins to National theatres. We borrow our motto from the great Russian theatre director, Meyerhold: "Tragedy with a smile on its lips".


Schloss Fasanerie, near Fulda; Kronberg Castle, northwest of Frankfurt; Laubach Castle, east of Giessen; Ammelshain Castle, near Leipzig; Friedrichsruh Castle, near Hamburg; Wallhausen, northwest of Bad Kreuznach; Weissenstein Castle, south of Bamberg; Zeil Castle, southwest of Memmingen; Steppberg Castle, west of Ingolstadt; Hohenzollern Castle, south of Tuebingen; Trausnitz Castle, in Landshut; Burghausen Castle, north of Salzburg; Dennenlohe Castle, south of Ansbach; Faber-Castell, near Nuremberg; Ebnet Castle, near Freiburg; Amerang Castle, north of Prien am Chiemsee; Fuggerhaus in Augsburg; Hohenschwangau Castle, near Fuessen; Heidelberg Castle; Mainau Castle, near Konstanz; Sigmarungen Castle, southeast of Albstadt; Brunnenhof der Residenz in Munich; or the Wuerzburg Residenz.


Other countries include Switzerland (Lenzburg Castle; Chillon Castle; Prangins Castle; Oberhofen Castle); Luxembourg (Bourglinster Chateau) Austria (Anif Castle); Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen); Sweden (Stockholm, Uppsala, Fjalkinge, Malmo); Denmark (Copenhagen); Belgium (Dilbeek); Netherlands (Eindhoven) and The United Kingdom (Peel Castle; Rushen Abbey; Castle Cornet, Guernsey; Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey).

* for all rules and other questions regarding bookings and invoices, please refer to here.





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