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upcoming productions

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Price: €9 / student

Discount is possible for bookings > 100 seats (€8)

Educational material available free of charge

Teachers free


Length: 90 minutes + Q&A


The show will also be staged in schools interested in the possibility. If you would like to welcome us or invite us to your town, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like us to perform at your school, please contact us for a quote.


Payment by invoice

You will receive an invoice which we ask you to pay within 15 working days. Once the invoice has been paid, no changes will be possible*. If your school wishes to pay after the performance, you will be asked to sign a document committing you to the number of seats reserved.


Cash payment

You will receive an invoice to be paid in cash at the box office. Once the reservation has been confirmed by return e-mail, after receipt of the invoice, no changes will be possible*.



Payment on invoice: It is possible to offer vouchers for the next season for a certain number of absent students (5 for any reservation of 0-50 places, 8 for any reservation of 50-100 places, 10 for any reservation > 100 places). Payment by cash: Absentee margin tolerated 5 no-shows for reservations of 0-50 seats, 8 no-shows for reservations of 50-100 seats, 10 no-shows for reservations > 100 seats. 

The booking form for the next
school year will be available in September


For more information / pre bookings please contact us by email:

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