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by William Shakespeare

MACBETH Poster.png



Music composed by PAUL FLUSH


Duration: 90 min.

Q&A: can be arranged

Study material: free of charge

If MACBETH is not the finest play ever written, it is certainly the most performed. The play explores the corruption of power and its terrifying results, both politically and personally. ​


TNT’s production, directed by Paul Stebbings, was the company’s first Shakespeare production. The production has been so successful that it has been constantly revived and toured worldwide since 2001 to over forty countries on four continents. Audiences have thrilled to this production from London to Atlanta, from Beijing to Berlin, from El Salvador to Thailand and from Australia to Norway. This is a full-blooded version of the play, witch driven in its intensity. TNT presents one of the most successful international    touring productions of Shakespeare’s exciting play to be seen in recent years.


The production integrates a specially composed electronic score by Paul Flush with live singing and percussion. This is a highly physical production with choreographies;  actors/dancers play the witches. The  visual imagery is startling. The direction by multi-award winning Paul Stebbings emphasises the witches and the supernatural and goes to the heart of Shakespeare’s world. The production blends music theatre with dance, stunning visual imagery and fine verse speaking to create a fast-moving and dynamic version of MACBETH that is both original yet true to the spirit of Shakespeare. In a world sinking under fanatical superstition and the naked lust for power, is there a more relevant play than MACBETH?

The production is not frightened of the supernatural, or compromised by modern dress. But this is not an old fashioned production either; the musical score by Paul Flush drives the play forward and creates a compelling sound texture of almost filmic quality. ​


In our modern world where power seems divorced from morality and the irrational seems to sweep all before it, this mighty drama reminds us that we are not only corrupted but diminished by evil.


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