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TNT Theatre's Book is Here!

This summer has not been easy for any of the theatres around the world. Due to the coronavirus, it is difficult to stay afloat in the midst of unknown seas. Nonetheless, TNT Theatre published an autobiographical book on 3 June, 2020 and hopes to bring light to its audience!

All colleagues working for TNT Theatre are proud and grateful to have put their small imprint on this company's journey travelling all around the world. Buy TNT -The New Theatre here!

TNT - The New Theatre

Authors: Paul Stebbings & Phil Smith

Published by Triarchy Press

Lessons, techniques and ideas for making new theatre for a changing world from the most widely travelled theatre that ever packed a bag.

This long-awaited new book is an extraordinary, wide-ranging, funny, clever account of  40 years in the life of the most successful touring theatre company of all time. The authors dance between magical storytelling... offering a masterclass on the skills and practice of acting, directing and writing for theatre... considering the role of theatre in different countries and continents... and offering an eye-opening history of TNT.


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