1. Discounts to teachers may apply depending on countries. 

  2. Booking requests* will be considered official only when the booking form is filled in, and submitted and when you receive a confirmation by email from our team along with an invoice or agreement.

  3. In case teachers wish to add additional tickets to their reservation, they need to get in contact with us. We will then ask them to fill in a new form or, if and when possible, we will edit their invoice. No additional tickets can be purchased on the spot unless previously agreed.

  4. A reservation can be cancelled free of charge only 6 weeks before the performance takes place. This rule does not apply in case of new Covid-19 restrictions in the country where the performance takes place.

  5. The number of seats booked cannot be changed when the booking is confirmed by invoice. Only 10% of the total number of booked tickets can be refunded. The 10% of students who do not attend the performance without a call to cancel are considered a No-Show and will have a free pass: Ex. 100 tickets booked, 10 students can benefit of the No-Show policy free of charge. The other students will be charged whether they attend the performance or not.

    • In case of cash payment: the teacher does not need to pay for 10% unattended students.

    • In case of bank transfer payment: we offer vouchers but tickets purchased using bank account will not be refunded. NOTE: Rule No. 5 does not apply in case students unable to attend the show due to Covid-19. 


  1. In case of either public or private performance, it can take place only with a certain number of students or an agreed budget.

  2. Seating plans are created according to the booking date. There is no discrimination and privilege to any of the bookings. Once the booking is confirmed the teacher will receive information about the seating plan.

  3. Teachers are responsible for the behaviour of their students. No insults to the actors any other member of the crew will be tolerated. If students do not behave well and respectfully, the cast is allowed to stop the performance.

  4. It is not allowed to eat, talk or use mobile phones in the theatre.

  5.  When a Q&A is planned, students are required to stay in their seats or to move closer to the stage if possible.

  6. COVID-19: We will inform teachers about venues / countries restrictions closer to the date of the performance.

* Only communication by emails will be considered as official. 

We understand there can be special unavoidable circumstances (force majeure) which may cause you to cancel with short notice. Please let us know if this happens.

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