To Date or Not to Date?

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Duration: 60 min

Q&A: can be arranged

Study material: free of charge

Butterfly Theatre Company

Come join us as we watch Cupid wreak havoc among Shakespeare’s mere mortals. Together we tackle the age old question To Date or not to Date?


Shakespeare's famous lovers will awaken your hearts as we follow everything from Romeo and Juliet falling in love at first sight to Ophelia getting tragically dumped by Hamlet. Laugh and cry as you help them unpick their love dilemmas. Learn from Shakespeare’s magical, sometimes comical, always truthful lessons in love. Help us help Cupid get his wings!


As an interactive Participant Player on Zoom You will help Cupid to learn about crushes, true love, first kisses, awkward silences, tik tok texting and sharing secrets. Imagine what you would do in these stories and then see what Shakespeare’s characters do next. Co-create with us candlelit castles, enchanted woods and rainy day break ups. You bring the candles, plants, and disguises. We’ll bring the action!


As an Observer live streaming on YouTube you can sit back and enjoy the ride! While watching you can drop Cupid a line in the chat at any time to throw in your emojis, reactions and cast your votes.

Schools can book this event for different classes and ages, and during the class times.


Price: from £9/€8 per student

Prices vary according to number of students.


You can fill in the booking form and we will contact you with a special offer!

Digital Services

How will the interaction work for Observers, the audience who are not on the Zoom call? Are students on YouTube interacting just like the ones on Zoom?

This varies from show to show, but we make sure the audience feel involved via other interactions which affect the play. For example, a character may ask the livestream viewers to type in chat what they should write in a love letter, or they might vote in a poll on what action a character should take. Our technology and actors work quickly together so it could even be both: Asking the audience for ideas and then creating a poll for them to vote on which is best, and our actors carrying out their plan!

For any additional help feel free to contact us:

Can we alternate the number of students who will go live?

By default we keep the same 10 participants throughout the show, but can increase that to 20 with a “swapping scene” halfway through. We recommend only one “swapping scene” per show due to the exponential potential for technical problems and attention issues, especially with younger children, but can work with you to find what works best for your students. We are always happy to try and accommodate any specific requests.

How do I log in to Zoom & YouTube with my students?

Zoom can be used without logging in; it will simply ask for your name when you first click the link to join the show.

YouTube uses Google accounts, so if you use Gmail or other Google service you already have one! Simply click the sign-in button on the top-right of the website or in the app.

How long is the show?

Our shows are built to be a minimum of one hour long, but if you have 10 minutes or so more we can include more interaction in the play and/or a Q&A afterward, for no additional cost

Do you need teachers to chaperone students on Zoom & YouTube?

We’d like to have one or two teachers on the Zoom call too (this is not included in the number of 10 Participants). They can interact as much or as little as they want with the show.

On the livestream side, while we can moderate the livestream chat ourselves in English, for schools where English is not the first language we recommend having a teacher or trusted person with knowledge of that language ‘modding’ (moderating) in the YouTube chat. Their job will be to delete any inappropriate messages and translate interactions for the actors.
Information on being made a Mod is included in our international Participation Packs.

Is it mandatory for students to interact?

No, but we’d recommend putting forward the students you think will get the most out of talking with our performers. If you would like us to concentrate on nudging particular students out of their comfort zones, or take particular care with others, we’re very open to these discussions (see I have a specific request or idea).

How many students can go live with the actors? How many screens can there be?

For manageability, we like to keep it to ten or fewer “Participant Players” - these are the webcams which appear on the Zoom call. However, these webcams can include multiple people! You can see examples of this in our videos where “participants” include parents, children, and grandchildren.
We recommend not having too many people in each Participant’s webcam: A whole classroom per webcam, for example, would make it difficult to interact with the students in a timely manner.


What are the payment methods? Do you invoice a school?

You will receive an invoice after the show or by your demands.

Is your price per student including taxes?

At the moment our prices do not include taxes and you will not be charged VAT. This may be subject to change in the future but any agreed upon prices will be honoured.

Will I get a receipt after making a bank transfer?

You will receive an invoice-style receipt from Butterfly Theatre Company (UK).

How much does the show cost?

The price varies accordingly to number of students. Discounts may apply for more than 100 students. Collaboration with other schools of your network is possible.


Will we receive instructions before the show?

You will receive a “Participation Pack” before the show which will include everything you need for both students and teachers. The things included will vary from show to show and on the age group of your students, but will always include: Scripts for Participants who are playing characters, if applicable.
Information on finding or making props they can use in the show (for example, snowballs). If age appropriate, optional activities that can be done before the show, such as designing and making your own Venetian mask to be worn during a ball.
There are also instructions on how to set up and use Zoom, YouTube platforms. In schools where English is a foreign language, there will be information on choosing a YouTube mod.

How are you protecting children's privacy?

Children’s safety and privacy is a key concern of Butterfly’s and ARTED NET. To that end, only those with the link to view a livestream or Zoom will have access to it, and while a recording will be made to be given to the school / participants as a memento, it will not be found publicly online.

Can the show be recorded? Can we take pictures for the school blog?

You are welcome to use any content from the shows you wish in accordance with your school’s policies; a recording of the production(s) will also be given to your school as a memento!

Are there any related educational materials?

As well as what comes in your Participation Packs, we offer workshops for both teachers and students in our specialisms around Shakespeare, truthful acting and connection.

I have a specific request or idea.

We are always happy to try and accommodate any requests! Our technology and actors are very malleable, so please get in contact and tell us your ideas:

How booking form works?

In order for the producers (ARTED NET) to organise and mediate between schools and actors, we would kindly ask you to fill in the booking form, stating all the necessary information. After receiving your booking, ARTED NET will contact you with more information and available dates.

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