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To Date or Not to Date?

Butterfly Theatre Company


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Duration: 60 min

Q&A: can be arranged

Study material: free of charge

Butterfly Theatre Company

Come join us as we watch Cupid wreak havoc among Shakespeare’s mere mortals. Together we tackle the age old question To Date or not to Date?


Shakespeare's famous lovers will awaken your hearts as we follow everything from Romeo and Juliet falling in love at first sight to Ophelia getting tragically dumped by Hamlet. Laugh and cry as you help them unpick their love dilemmas. Learn from Shakespeare’s magical, sometimes comical, always truthful lessons in love. Help us help Cupid get his wings!


As an interactive Participant Player on Zoom You will help Cupid to learn about crushes, true love, first kisses, awkward silences, tik tok texting and sharing secrets. Imagine what you would do in these stories and then see what Shakespeare’s characters do next. Co-create with us candlelit castles, enchanted woods and rainy day break ups. You bring the candles, plants, and disguises. We’ll bring the action!


As an Observer live streaming on YouTube you can sit back and enjoy the ride! While watching you can drop Cupid a line in the chat at any time to throw in your emojis, reactions and cast your votes.

Schools can book this event for different classes and ages, and during the class times.


Price: from £9/€8 per student

Prices vary according to number of students.


You can fill in the booking form and we will contact you with a special offer!

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